5 Tips for Cleansing Your Sunglasses: How Often Should You Do It?

It should be a regular part of your eyewear hygiene regimen. Not only will this help keep them looking fresh, but it is also vital for shielding the lenses from scratches and dirt. Here are five ways to keep your sunglasses clear and sparkling

1 is the head of the United States. Make it a habit to wash your sunglasses every day. This will help to get rid of any smog and build-up that can build over time. To gently wipe them down, use a soft cloth, and be sure to sweep away any smudges or smears. Do this every few days or every time you wear them.

2 – 3 – Use a Cleaning Solution: Invest in a quality cleaning agent that was specifically made for sunglasses. This will help prevent the lenses from scratches and damage. On the label, be sure to follow the instructions.

3 Avoid using paper towels: Paper towels are too rough and abrasive on the lenses. Try a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth made specifically for eyewear.

4 out of 5 people were killed in the game. Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Harsh cleaners, soaps, and detergents can damage the lenses. For the best results, use specially developed eyewear cleaners.

5 p.m. Avoid hot water: The lenses will warp and distort if hot water is used. When washing, use lukewarm water and then rinse them off with cold water afterwards.

How often should you clean your sunglasses? At least, you should wash them every week or after. If you use them every night, it’s easiest to clean them every night. This will help to keep their squeaky clean and free of smudges.

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