A Rectangular Face requires a specific frame shape.

When it comes to choosing the right frame shape for a rectangular face, the most important thing is to opt for styles that are opposite of the face shape. A rectangular face is defined by a strong, prominent jaw and forehead, with a straight hairline and an overall angular appearance. To counterbalance this angularity, the best frames to select are those with curves and roundness. The curves of the face are highlighted by round and oval frames, while the jawline and forehead’s angles are softened.

A great way to distinguish a rectangular face is to choose frames with an overall round shape. For frames with a more circular shape, such as those with a cat-eye, aviator, or butterfly shape, try these. These frames will soften the overall angular appearance of the face while still making a bold and sophisticated statement.

Another great way to balance a rectangular face is to search for frames with eye-catching details. Frames with a unique bridge or temple style may be included in this series, as well as frames with intricate detailing around the lenses’ edge. This can draw attention away from the face’s angular details and create a more balanced appearance.

When it comes to color, try frames in softer hues such as pastels, taupes,, and silvers. These will help to brighten up the face and create a softer appearance. Avoid frames in bold, vivid colors, since they will bring attention to the face’s angular characteristics.

In addition, the frame’s size is also important in selecting the right frame shape for a rectangular face. Select frames that are marginally larger than the face as this will help to achieve a more balanced look. Oversized frames can also help to soften the facial contours and draw attention away from the jawline and the jawline.

To achieve a balanced and flattering appearance, a rectangular face needs a specific frame shape. See frames with roundness and curves, eye-catching details, and soft colors. Larger frames can also help to soften the face’s angular features. A rectangular face with the right frame size can appear sleek and balanced.

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