How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Square Faces: Aviator Frames explains how to choose the best sunglasses for Square Faces.

The first step in selecting the best sunglasses for square faces is to determine the size and shape of your face. If you have a square face, it means you have a broad forehead and a long jawline with no curves. This facial profile is best complemented by sunglasses, which help to soften the angles and create balance.

Aviator frames are a popular choice for square faces because they relax the angles and lengthen the face. Aviator frames come with a top bar that follows the brow line and then tapers off into a narrow frame. The lenses are usually broad, which helps to balance the face shape’s width. The rounded lenses also give the look a feminine touch.

When choosing aviator frames, it’s important to consider the frame’s size. In general, it’s best to choose frames that are marginally wider than the face. This helps to achieve a more balanced appearance while still ensuring that the frames do not dominate the face. In addition,, it is also crucial to ensure that the frame fits properly and does not slip down the nose.

When choosing the sunglasses’ color, it is important to consider the face and hair color. If you have a fair complexion, it is easiest to buy frames in light hues such as tans, beiges, and whites. For those with darker skin tones, dark browns, and blacks work best. In addition,, choosing the frames should consider the hair color. For example, those with blonde hair should opt for frames in lighter shades to bring contrast, while those with dark hair should opt for frames in darker hues to bring balance.

In addition, it’s important to consider the frame and lens style. Generally, aviator frames come with mirrored lenses for a more modern appearance or with classic lenses for a more traditional look. In addition, the frames can be purchased in a variety of finishes, such as metal, plastic, and titanium.

You will quickly find the right aviator frames for square faces by considering all of these factors. Create a look that is both flattering and unique to your face shape with the right frames.

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