How to Recover Scratched Lenses: Tips and Tricks.

If not taken care of, soiled lenses can be an eyesore as well as a potential health risk. Fortunately, you can often recover scratched lenses with relative ease with the right knowledge and patience. We’ll explore some tips and tricks for recovering scratched lenses in this article.

The first step in recovering scratched lenses is to determine the extent of the damage. If the scratches are deep, you may need to replace the lenses completely. If the scratches are minor, however, you may be able to polish the lenses with some care. If in doubt, take your lenses to your optometrist to obtain a licensed opinion before starting any repairs.

When polishing scratched lenses, it is necessary to exercise extra caution. Start by washing the lenses in warm water and soap, then gently dry them with a soft cloth. Use a polycarbonate lens polish to remove minor scratches. Using a fresh, soft cloth, rub the polish in a circular motion. Rub gently and never use excessive power.

If the scratches are still visible after polishing, it is possible to mask their appearance with a clear plastic polish. Apply the polish directly to the lenses and rub in tiny circles. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines closely.

It’s also necessary to shield your lenses from further damage. When using the lenses, always store them in a soft pouch or case.

Also, remember that lens recovery is not a science experiment. It’s likely that you make mistakes or cause more damage. If you are unsure about any step of the recovery process or if the scratches are too deep, it is best to seek professional assistance. An optician can advise the right course of action for your particular lenses, as well as ensuring that the recovery process is carried out correctly.

With the right knowledge and patience, recovering scratched lenses can be made possible. Begin by assessing the damage and then finely polish the lenses before applying a liquid plastic polish. Be sure to take extra care, and if in doubt, seek outside assistance. With the right approach, you should be able to restore your lenses to their original form.

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