How to Remove Scratches From Sunglass Lenses: What Product Should I Use?

Removing scratches from sunglass lenses can be a difficult challenge, but with the right product and experience, you can reclaim your lenses to their former splendor. To get scratches from your sunglass lenses, you should use a specialized lens cleaner that is made to work specifically on sunglass lenses. It’s been a while.

The first step to removing scratches from your sunglass lenses is to clean your lenses with a soft cloth and a lens cleaner specifically designed for sunglass lenses.’ These cleaners are specifically designed to help eliminate scratches from lenses without damaging the lenses’ delicate coating. To prevent further scratching, be sure to follow the instructions closely and use a circular motion when wiping. It’s been a long time since I was in possession of a computer.

After washing your lenses with the lens cleaner, apply a thin layer of wax or carnauba wax to the lenses. Carnauba wax is a form of wax that is specifically made for use on sunglass lenses, and it helps to fill the scratches and prevent the lenses from damaging them further. Apply the wax to the lenses in a thin, even layer, and allow it to set for a few minutes.

When the wax has set, buff the lenses with a soft cloth. When buffing, use a circular motion and apply light pressure to ensure that the wax is completely removed and the scratches have been filled in. In order to completely remove the scratches, you’ll need to repeat the waxing and buffing process several times. .

Lastly, use a specialized cleaner for sunglass lenses to remove any residue left behind from the waxing and buffing process. This will ensure that your lenses look as good as new and are shielded from further scratches.

You can quickly remove scratches from your sunglass lenses and restore them to their original condition by following these tips and using a specially developed lens cleaner and wax made for sunglass lenses. Keep in mind that this process could take several attempts, but with patience and care, you’ll be able to reclaim your lenses’ clarity and enjoy clear vision once more.

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